1.      Call to Order


Chairman Ole Alcumbrac called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.


2.      Roll Call


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Robert Adams, Ole Alcumbrac, Tom Kingsbury, Stephan Aeschlimann, Robert Newton 


COMMITTEE MEMBERS ABSENT:  Sonja Armstrong, Chuck Moore


COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Gene Kelley arrived at 5:33 p.m.


CITY STAFF PRESENT:  Dennis Wiss, Airport Director; Cari Bilbie, Public Works Secretary


GUESTS:  Bob Saner, Zola Hamm


3.      New Business:

       Review of Minimum Standards


Dennis gave a history on the minimum standards stating they are the guidelines for commercial aviation business. Dennis asked the committee to review the minimum standards as directed by the City Council. Dennis said the insurance requirements need to be reviewed as an example. Dennis asked the committee to review and make suggestions prior to the next meeting.


Ole asked if there are any issues that have come up in the last 12 years other than insurance. Dennis gave the example of ground space improvements on page 15 of the minimum standards. He stated that a new business doesn’t’ have a hangar yet and wants to build on and start their business. However, it takes 5 to 6 months to build a hangar. Dennis stated that the City Manager could waive the minimum standards to a business only if there is not a competitor already there. Otherwise, the minimum standards hold firm. Dennis also stated there could not be a permanent waiver.


Ole proposed all members review and be ready to discuss the minimum standards at the next meeting. All members of the committee agreed.


4.   Old Business


A.        Consideration of Additional Revisions to Rates and Charges

             1. New Articles 13, 14, and 15


             Dennis said the City Manager and Public Works Director wanted to make these offices and put them in the Rates and Charges. The Articles were re-written to reflect practices already in action.


             Ole asked about the minimum gallons and is it already too high. He asked if the discount also included the people who have hangar leases that may not reach the minimum gallon limit. The concern is that if we only have one person who meets the minimum requirement is it enough to encourage pilots to fuel at Show Low Regional Airport. Can we offer more?


             Tom asked about the 3 months fuel sales waiting period. He asked if it could just happen the first time they go over. Dennis said no. Dennis said if a company drops under the 2,000 gallon minimum for 4 or 5 months in a row they will come off the discount in Article 13.


             Bob asked about lowing the minimum and how many more it would add. Dennis said the other companies barely reach 1,000 gallons a month and Guardian Air fuels in Flagstaff.


             Ole asked how many people take advantage of the Philips Card or the VP Card. Dennis said about 20. Ole asked if people are taking advantage of the current discounts available to them. Dennis said about 20-30% of customers are self-serve and they receive that discount.


             Gene Kelley asked if it were a per-dollar or per gallon discount with the credit cards. Dennis said it was per gallon which comes to about 5 cents per gallon savings. Dennis said there are all kinds of discounts out there, however most customers pay with a credit card.


             Gene Kelley asked how much the fees are from the credit card companies to the City for use of credit cards. Gene said our savings may be more than the discounts we are giving.


             Ole stated he would like to see the City push the Philips card due to the customer receiving their discount and the City having no services fees on fuel only sales. Ole also noted that the Philips card has no annual fee. Ole suggested sending information to the tenants explaining the Philips card and the savings.


             Ole asked if Dennis had ever done an average on the amount of gas purchased locally versus out of town. Dennis said no. He stated it would be difficult and time consuming as the current software does not recognize local business versus out of town business. It only recognizes customers.


             Ole said it would be nice to let tenants know they bought x amount of fuel and with this card they could have saved x. Dennis said the airport does a fuel survey of about 20 airports every couple of months.


             Steve asked about the bulk fuel limit. How long do we wait to take someone off the discount list when they fall below the minimum? Dennis said the way it is worded, once you meet the criteria everything you purchase after that is discounted. Ole asked what happens if they never purchase the minimum again, how long they get to have the discount. Dennis said they could look at it every 3 months if they didn’t meet the requirements then the 4th month they would not receive the discount and would have to re-qualify. The committee wants the airport to cut off the discount after 3 months if they are not meeting the requirements. 3 months to quality, 3 months to lose their discount.


             Gene asked what the airport would have to do to get customers to use us more than other airports. Dennis said they approached Great Lakes about buying fuel from Show Low. Dennis said they City could not touch the current price they are getting from Phoenix.


             Dennis said a letter could be put together with the next bill reminding tenants about the discounts and savings options. Ole stated he would like the airport to advertise more.


             Zola suggested the staff ask the pilots if they are familiar with Show Low and do they need fuel. Ole liked the idea and though staff should try to do it. Dennis reminded the committee this was not on the agenda and they needed to be careful.


             Ole asked that staff place airport staff policy on the agenda for the next meting as it pertains to Zola’s comment.


             Ole moved to recommend Article 13 as is with the additional language about the 3 month cut off if the monthly requirement is not met. Bob Adams seconded the motion. All members voted in favor of recommending Article 13 as is with the additional language about the 3 month cut off if the monthly requirement is not met.


             Article 14 – Tom Newton moved to accept Article 14 as is. Ole seconded the motion. All members voted in favor of recommending Article 14 as is.


             Article 15 – Tom Kingsbury moved to accept Article 15 as is. Tom Newton seconded the motion. All members voted in favor of recommending Article 15 as is.

             Dennis referenced the memo regarding Angel Flight and their request for discounts as it relates to Articles 13-15. Ole moved to give the discount to Angel Flight. Tom Kingsbury seconded the motion. All members voted in favor of giving the discount to Angel Flight.



B.                 Flight Plan Program Assignments

Ole asked the committee to have reviewed their flight plan assignments and come up with suggestions by next meeting. Ole instructed staff to add the flight plan suggestions to the next agenda. The flight plan assignments are as follows:

            Robert Adams                       #1 Show Low Regional Airport

            Robert Newton                      #2 Business & Commercial Aviation Service

            Ole Alcumbrac                       #3 General Aviation Service

            Tom Kingsbury                      #4 Aircraft Maintenance

            Stephan Aeschlimann          #5 Marketing & Economic Development

            Chuck Moore                         #6 Public Relations

            Sonja Armstrong                   #7 Safety & Security


5.         Airport Directors Report


A.                 Rules & Regulations Update

1.      FAA Letter

B.                 FAA Part 139 Inspection Letter

C.                Grants-to-Date

D.                Notes Received

E.                 Airport Tours


      Dennis read the memo regarding the Directors Report. No discussion followed.


6.         Summary of Current Events


A.        Chairman – Ole asked staff to send the committee a reminder a week before the Fly-in to remind the committee of the date and time. The date is June 7, 2008. The time is 7:00 a.m.

B.        Committee Members – none.


7.         Schedule of next meeting


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 5:30 p.m. at the Library.


7.  Call to the Public


            Zola Hamm stated at the January 31, 2008 meeting she announced she would not be available at the next meeting. She sent Dennis a request to put items on the agenda and as a result Kenny Patterson has asked her to meet with him and City Staff on April 24, 2008 at 10:30 a.m. Zola felt this undermined the committee and would like Dennis and the committee to know that she will not be intimidated. Zola asked if she should work directly with the committee rather than Dennis.


No further discussion.


8.  Adjournment


Chairman Ole Alcumbrac adjourned the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 5:30 p.m.




      I, Cari Bilbie, do hereby certify the foregoing minutes are true and correct.


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