Rules & Regulations




A.        Minimum number of players to register is TEN


B.        Maximum number is TWENTY.




Every team must submit a team roster prior to their first scheduled game.  A player may be added or deleted from a roster until the date printed on the game schedule. At this time rosters will be frozen.  To add or delete players from a roster, a team representative must do so in person with the field supervisor.  A player is not considered an “eligible player” until they have signed the roster/waiver.


A.       Any player information, which is not correct on a team’s roster, could result in the dismissal of that team from the league.  Coaches should, at all times, keep up-to-date records of their team's roster.  This practice can eliminate any questions as to whether a team member is eligible to play or not.


B.       Remember:  A player must be on a team's roster to play in any game.


C.     Players must have competed in at least two regular season league games to participate in the season-ending tournament.  Forfeits do not constitute a played match.


D.     Players must be at least 15 years of age by the first game of the season to participate in the league or tournament.  A parent or guardian must sign the roster/waiver for those players under the age of 18.


3.         SMOKING

  There is no smoking on the fields.



Game time IS forfeit time.



League standings will be updated and available to you after 1:00pm each day following your game at the recreation office.  You may call 532-4140 or stop by the Recreation Offices located at the Aquatic Center.  Standings will also be available from your field supervisor.


We reserve the right, at anytime, to change your division or league to facilitate fair and balanced play.



A.        League:  Overall season record will determine the champion and the runner-up teams in league.


B.        Tournament:  All teams will generally participate in the post- season tournament.


7.         INSURANCE

Medical insurance is the responsibility of the team or individual.  The City of Show Low DOES NOT carry medical insurance for these teams.


8.         PROTESTS

Only rule interpretation will be justifiable for protest and not an umpire’s decision on a call.  If a team protests, it must be made by the team captain or manager before the next batter.  All protests will be handled immediately by the umpire or the field supervisor.  If a protests cannot be settled at that time, complete the following process:


A.        Protest must be written and submitted to the Show Low Recreation Offices during the next business day.


B.      A $10.00 hearing fee will be required and must accompany protest...refundable if honored.


C.       All protests including illegal player protests must be made before match is completed.  NO PROTEST WILL BE ACCEPTED ONCE A GAME IS COMPLETED.


9.         SCOREKEEPER

Home team must furnish a scorekeeper.  Players first and last names must always be written on the score sheet and completed at least 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.  Umpire has final jurisdiction at games.


10.       TIE GAME:

In the event of a tie game after 7 innings or the one hour time limit (whichever comes first), the game will proceed by playing by the international rule for tie-breakers.  Each inning, the batting team will begin with a runner on second base.  The extra inning(s) will go until one complete inning is played in which either team is ahead of the other.


11.        PLAYING RULES:

These rules are in addition to any ASA Rules:



Out of play is third and first backstop extended.


B.     RUN RULE:

After any complete inning, any team 20 runs ahead will be declared the winner.  After four and a half (4 ½) or five innings, a team ahead by 10 runs will be declared the winner.



Each batter will come to the plate with a 1 ball and 1 strike count.  The batter is out under the following circumstance:  a third strike is called, including an uncaught foul ball that is hit after two strikes.  Any combination of three strikes.



No infield warm-up allowed unless time permits.  Teams are requested to warm-up away from spectators.  DO NOT bat balls against the backstop or foul line fencing for batting practice.



A team must have at least 8 players ready to start a ball game.  For a team having 8 players at game time, player #9 and #10 will not be considered automatic outs.  When your 9th or 10th player arrives they may enter the game but they must bat in the 9th & 10th spot in the line-up.



Players must bat in their original batting order.  Exception:  A player (starter or substitute) may re-enter the game one-time, a team unable to field 10 players because of injury may use a player normally unable to re-enter if no other eligible substitutes are available.  The player would bat in the injured players batting position.  Any player expelled from the game for bad sportsmanship cannot re-enter under any circumstances.



If requested, the last player to be put out will be the new courtesy runner.  Maximum one runner per inning.  Exception: same batter same inning.



All games are 7 innings or 1 hour, whichever comes first.  The championship game for any tournament will be a full 7 innings regardless of time ( Exception: inclement weather – the run rule is still in effect).



A strike is when the pitched ball hits either home plate or the mat behind it. 



Any games canceled due to bad weather, will be rescheduled.  Team coaches should call the Parks & Recreation office the following business day after 1pm for a make-up schedule.  Make-ups can be held on any day including Saturdays.



Shoe soles may be either smooth or have soft or hard rubber cleats.  Shoes with metal spikes or cleats will not be permitted.




Cast, exposed jewelry such as wristwatches, bracelets, large or loop type earrings and neck chains, or any item judged dangerous by the umpire, may not be worn during the game.  Only stud earrings will be allowed.



Teams wearing the same color T-shirt or jersey is highly recommended but not required.



A team may add their 11th batter at any time during the game (be sure to add player to score sheet).  However, should a team be unable to maintain 11 batters after the game begins, then that spot in the batting order will be skipped over with no penalty to the team. Teams must maintain a minimum of 8 players at all times.  Once a batting position has been skipped over it must remain vacant and no player can enter (or re-enter) at that position.



ASA Restricted Flight balls will be provided by the Recreation Department for all game and tournament play.  A 12” softball will be utilized for Men and an “11 inch softball will be utilized for women.


P.     BATS:

We follow ASA bat restrictions.  We reserve the right, at anytime, to restrict any bat from our league for the safety of the players.




1.  TEAM:  Consist of 10 players, 5 men and 5 women.  A minimum of 8 players is allowed as long as there is an equal or more number o f women to men playing.

2.  BATTING ORDER:  Batting must alternate and may start with a male or a female.  You may bat 12 but #11 and #12 cannot both be men.

3.  PLAYER RATIO:  The infield shall include at least two women.  Of the pitcher/catcher combination, one must be male and the other female, or both women.  The outfield shall also include at least two women.

4.   WALKS:  On a walk to the male batter with two outs, the female has the option of walking or batting.  If the team has less than tow outs the female must bat.



City ordinance #79 states that drinking alcoholic beverages at the City Park ball fields is prohibited during athletic events.



All communication from teams to field supervisor and umpire must come through team captain.  Captains shall be identified before each regulation game to your game official.


A.  Your league schedule will be available from the recreation offices or from your Field Supervisor.

B.  Make sure our office has a correct mailing address and coach’s phone number for your team at all times.

C.  Once schedules are made the games will proceed as scheduled.  No game/games will be rescheduled for the convenience a team or teams.

D.   If a game is cancelled due to gym/field concerns or any other situation out of our control (i.e. weather, school scheduling conflicts, evacuations, etc.) the game will be rescheduled during the next available time for our gym/fields and staff.

E.  Tournament games may be played any night of the week (except Sunday).  There will be no rearrangement of the schedule for the convenience of a team or teams.


In order to remain on schedule each night at the fields, is necessary that each team be responsible for the following:

A.  Arrive for your scheduled game at least 10 minutes prior to game time.

B.  Locate field supervisor and obtain a score sheet for your game.

C.  Coaches are responsible for player eligibility.  A player must be on your team’s roster to participate in a game.

D.  Umpire will flip for Home Team.

16.         AWARDS

Varies from season to season.  When individual awards are given, each team receives up to fourteen.

17.     FORFEITS

A team that forfeits a game without 24-hour notice must pay a $10 forfeits fee to the Show Low Recreation Office, 1100 W. Deuce of Clubs, before their next scheduled game in order to play that game.

Forfeits will be declared for one or more of the following infractions:

A.   Not having the required number of players ready at game time.

B.   Illegal players participating.  Teams using illegal players will have games affected declared forfeits.

C.  Misconduct on the part of the players, coaches, team mangers or members of other teams in the program, before, during or after a contest.

D.  Failure to submit a legal roster prior to team’s first scheduled game.

      18.        SUPERVISION

A.   Recreation Director:  Jason Mangum, 532-4133

B.   League Coordinator:  Terri Wade, 532-4143

C.  A Field Supervisor will be responsible for your game operation.

D.  Show Low Parks & Recreation, 1100 W. Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, AZ 85901, 928-532-4140


19.       CONDUCT

All persons directly or indirectly involved in our program are expected to act in an adult-like manner.  Negative behavior occurrences will be monitored closely and will not be tolerated.  Some forms of unsportsmanlike conduct will warrant automatic ejection with no warnings given.  Two reprimands or warnings to an individual or a team for unsportsmanlike conduct will warrant automatic ejection of said player, team or fan from park premises.

A third reprimand to any other member or fan of said team will warrant termination of game with said game being forfeited to opposing team.

Any player or coach ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for a minimum of one game, in addition to the game in which the player wad suspended, plus probation for the remainder of the season.

A second offense will constitute a player or coach being dropped from the league.






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