Fire Information Resources:           

As residents of the White Mountains, we are all aware of the threat forest and wildland fires pose to our homes, neighborhoods and commercial areas. Use the resources listed below for information about local fires, evacuations and evacuation routes:

By Phone:

  • Call 593 from any Frontier landline telephone.

  • Call *593 from any CellularOne phone.

  • From any other cell phone dial (928) 333-3412.

By Internet:

For information about current fires and fire conditions, go to and/or

Log onto the Show Low Fire Department Web site at
Log onto the Pinetop Fire Department Web site at

Road and Weather Information Resources:

Call the Show Low Police Departmentís local Road and Weather Conditions line at 537-ROAD (7623) to listen to a recorded message about storm warnings, weather conditions, road closures and other issues or events of interest to the public.

For information about road conditions locally and throughout the state, dial 511 on your landline phone to reach the Arizona Department of Transportationís road condition information line.

For Internet access to ADOTís Web site, log onto

For Internet access to information about current and long-term weather forecasts, as well as severe weather warnings, log onto the National Weather Service site at or The Weather Channelís site at

For NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts, tune to 162.400 (Porter Mountain)