NPC Northeastern AZ Law Enforcement Training Academy (NALETA)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
The Academy is a total of 30 credit hours (17 credits - 1st semester; 13 credits - 2nd semester). Presently, the cost of tuition is $100 per semester, or $200.00 for both semesters. There is also a $35 lab fee the first semester and $35 the second. Some agencies reimburse the cadets for successful completion of the program.

I want to attend and am not with an agency. What do I need to know?
You will need to contact a local law enforcement agency for sponsorship, there is no open enrollment.

What does the academy training include?
The NPC Northeastern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy (NALETA) is a fully certified police academy and the training covers all requirements of Az POST. Law and legal matters, ethics and professionalism, crime scene management, patrol procedures, defensive and pursuit driving, defensive tactics, high risk vehicle stops, traffic control, baton certification, community and police relations, report writing, first aid, physical fitness and firearms are all included

If I have training and classes that cover the information in the academy, do I still have to attend those academy classes?
Yes. Az POST requires the academy to certify that all cadets have performed to their standards in all areas. Previous training or certificates can not satisfy that requirement.

How many hours of training can I miss?
Per Az POST rules, a cadet can not miss more than 16 hours of training the first semester, nor a total of 32 hours over both semesters. In any case, all performance objectives required by Az POST must be satisfied. This is usually done by completing extra work (a research paper) covering the missed material.

Will I have to run, do push-ups and participate in other physical activity?
Yes. The cadets regularly have physical fitness classes and are expected to be able to run at least 2 miles by the end of the first month of the Academy. Az POST requires each cadet to qualify on the Police Officers Physical Aptitude Test prior to certification. This includes 5 timed events: 6' block wall climb, 6' fence climb, 99 yard obstacle course, body drag and 500 yard sprint.

How long is the Academy?
The Academy consists of approximately 700 hours of training (the AzPOST minimum is 585 hours). It is conducted over 2 semesters. Those enrolling in August would graduate the following May.

Must I supply my own equipment? Does the Academy have equipment to loan?
You or your agency must supply personal use equipment such as firearm, handcuffs, equipment belt, uniforms, pistol ammunition and a vehicle to be used at the driving track.

When do classes start? Where should I be and what do I need to bring?
Classes start the first Thursday in August, 6 PM at the Northeastern Az Training Center (NATC) located at 1840 W. Papermill Road in Taylor.

What days of the week does the Academy meet?
Fall Semester Classes
- The classes starting in August meet two nights a week (Tues. and Thurs., 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm), and all day Saturday (6:30 am to 5 pm). They maintain these days for both semesters. They graduate with full certification in May.

How do I register for classes?
If you are with an agency, attend the registration/orientation the first Thursday in August and you will be registered at that time. You will need the original AzPOST ‘AA’ form properly completed and signed by the agency representative and yourself.

What do cadets need to register?
They need the
original AzPOST Basic Training Application (AzPOST Form AA), properly completed and signed by the agency representative and the cadet.

Is financial aid available?
Not at this time, unless a sponsoring Law Enforcement agency is willing to cover the cost of cadet enrollment

Note to agencies: The AzPOST Form A-1 is to be sent to AzPOST, not the Academy.